The Bible’s Best-Kept Secret?

I am starting to wonder if Mary may be the Bible’s best-kept secret.  St. Louis de Montfort sure thought so:

Even though Mary was his faithful spouse, God the Holy Spirit willed that his apostles and evangelists should say very little about her and then only as much as was necessary to make Jesus known.  (True Devotion, page 1; Bay Shore, NY:  Montfort Publications, 2006)

Yet Mary is the beautiful answer to so many questions.  If Jesus is the New Adam, who is the New Eve?  If Eve is the mother of all the living in our natural life, who is our mother in our new supernatural life in Christ?  If God is our Father, who is our Mother?  If Jesus is our Lord, who is our Lady?  If Jesus is our King, who is our Queen?  Is Jesus is our brother, who is our sister?

The little that is said about Mary, or that Mary says, in the Bible speaks volumes.  As the Holy Spirit has led the Catholic Church through the centuries, Mary’s particular role in salvation history has become better understood.  Nothing ever taught about her by the Magisterium has ever contradicted Scripture, nor can it, for the Word of God will never contradict Itself.

One of the most wonderful things about being Catholic is that we do not only have the Bible; we also have Tradition.  These are the two streams of the one Living Word of God.  We can thus declare much more with confidence than can our brothers and sisters in Christ who are cut off from the Magisterium of the Catholic Church through their forebears’ revolt (the Protestant Reformation).

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