Contra Sola Scriptura, from Peter Kreeft

I just love a good analogy.  Here is one I recently came across in Catholic Christianity, Peter Kreeft’s summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  This is from his section 7, “Faith and Scripture,” and is given to illustrate one of the reasons for rejecting Sola Scriptura:

“Scripture should be interpreted from within the living tradition of the Church.  This is not narrow and limiting, but expansive and deep.  It is also reasonable; [here is the analogy:] for suppose a living author had written a book many years ago and had been teaching that book every day.  Who could interpret that book better than he?”

The Catholic Church, following the inspiration of the promised Holy Spirit, wrote the Bible.  She teaches it every day in Mass and all of the other liturgies of the Church.  She alone is divinely protected from misinterpreting it.

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